About algoQR

Premium mode

    • Save transaction history
    • Create sales reports
    • Calculate capital gains automtically
    • Payable in USDC or QRC tokens
    • Coming soon

QR Credits

  • Ticker: QRC (asset# 769556781) on Algorand mainnet
  • Fixed supply of 10,000,000 tokens
  • Allocations
    • 73% Tinyman liquidity - 7.3m QRC
    • 20% Future airdrop - 2m QRC
    • 5.5% Team allocation (locked) - 550k QRC
    • 1.5% Team allocation (unlocked) - 150k QRC
  • Dev allocation locked for 18 months
  • All revenue from premium subscriptions will be used to buyback QRC from Tinyman QRC/ALGO pool
  • Token does not represent any share/allocation/dividend of AlgoQR. It is an crowd source funding experiment to enable our developers to continue upgrading the algoQR platform
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Terms of Use

  • algoQR is still in beta phase, please use it with caution
  • algoQR relies on a number of external api's and externally managed codebases. Outages on these platforms may effect algoQR
  • algoQR development team is in no way responsible for any losses incurred through the use of this project.
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